The RV Quandary or as Sam says “third times a charm”

So…….Sam and I bought another RV – I know what you are thinking, we can’t make up our minds…buy, sell, buy, sell; BUT this time (much like the last time) we think we got it right. In 2017, we bought our truck camper (Foxie) and Sam’s 1-Ton Ford Truck (the Beast). We loved the truckContinue reading “The RV Quandary or as Sam says “third times a charm””

Looking For Ghost Towns in the Weaver Mountains

How often do you get a chance to visit ghost towns? Check out Arizona Ghost Towns by Noah Austin.   We are slowly making our way across Arizona to find all the places that he wrote about in his book published by @arizonahighways. We chose a beautiful Sunday to search an area near Congress Arizona inContinue reading “Looking For Ghost Towns in the Weaver Mountains”

Sunday Drive: Cibola National Wildlife Refuge

Sunday Drives have become our way of getting out and discovering new places to explore, and still being as safe as possible during the pandemic. Sam saw a story about the sandhill cranes that visit Arizona each Winter. They are dispersed in several areas South of Tucson, so we decided to pack a picnic lunchContinue reading “Sunday Drive: Cibola National Wildlife Refuge”

On the Trail – Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

As tradition requires, we set out on New Years day to scout for possible camping sites in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. We knew that during the winter months, this area Southwest of the Phoenix and North of Yuma becomes a hot spot for boon docking for many escaping the winters in the North. TheContinue reading “On the Trail – Kofa National Wildlife Refuge”

On the Trail: Vulture Mine Trail

It has been a very long time since we jumped in the Jeep and headed out to find a rocky and dusty trail to leave the worries and frustrations of everyday life behind for a few hours.  We decided on the Vulture Mine Trail near Morristown, AZ.  We packed the Jeep with water, soda, aContinue reading “On the Trail: Vulture Mine Trail”

Destination-Alamo Lake State Park

This was our first trip out in the truck camper post Sam’s knee replacements.  We called my sister Kim and Brother-In-Law Guy to see if they wanted to meet us for a night of camping. Because they live in California and we are in Goodyear AZ, we wanted to find  a State Park somewhere inContinue reading “Destination-Alamo Lake State Park”

Destination: Bisbee and Tombstone, Arizona, November 2017

  We were just a few days away from knee replacement surgery for Sam, with the second knee being replaced in the coming month.  We felt the call of the road knowing it will be several months before we can take our truck camper or jeep out again.  Neither of us had ever been toContinue reading “Destination: Bisbee and Tombstone, Arizona, November 2017”

On the Trail: Backway to Crown King, AZ May 2017

If you live in Arizona you have heard about the backway to Crown King.  Crown King is a small town with a big personality at the top of the Bradshaw Mountains at an elevation of 5,700 feet in Central Arizona.  The Bradshaw Mountains are known for gold and this is the reason the town hasContinue reading “On the Trail: Backway to Crown King, AZ May 2017”